Research Software

List of research software currently developed and maintained by Bernhard Rieder

Over the last years, I have been working on quite a number of research tools, mainly for the data driven analysis of social media platforms. My main goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the logics embedded in these platforms and their APIs, but I think that writing research tools is an excellent way to pursue this kind of exploration. Nothing beats first hand experience. Most of my code is available on github and I have instruction videos on my YouTube channel.

These tools are “as is” software, no support is provided. High quality bug reports are much appreciated. Please send bug reports to

Check out other tools developed by the digital methods initiative here.

Depending on availability, I’m interested in participating in research software development on a freelance basis. If you’re looking for consulting or programming capacity in the area of web APIs, (interactive) visualization or data mining (machine learning, clustering, etc.), drop me a line at

I develop and maintain these tools in my spare time. If they are useful for you, please consider to